Thursday, January 31, 2008

Home Theater In A Box

Home Theater in a Box: (HTIB)

A lot of companies have what we call HTIB's, Sony, Panasonic and the most common Bose. These are great products if you want sound, cd/dvd and radio in one. One thing we must remember with HTIB's is the actual speakers, which are not the most aesthetic pieces out there.

These HTIB's do hit price points, other than Bose which is price protected so don't look for any discount. If your looking for a real cheap surround sound system HTIB's are great. But one recommendation that I have is look into getting a separate receiver, which has more options than a Home Theater in a Box. For the speakers look into in wall or in ceiling speakers, something to produce great sound that won't take the eye away from the TV like a cube speaker would.

DVD players are extremely cheap and now Blueray is the way of the A/V future. For a little more money I think its worth getting everything separate, rather than in a bundle like the HTIB. Now lets not take this as if I am putting HTIB's down, I'm not. Actually HTIB's are great for apartment and condo situations where there is no attic access, and your not in any position to cut holes in the ceiling or walls for speakers. A Home Theater in a Box will produce a decent sound and are extremely easy to install. Before purchasing your surround sound for your home, look at what you want aesthetically and what you can afford financially.

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